排球杰出,商业 & 经济学会会长反思她在NDMU的经历

作者:Erik Pedersen,高级公关经理


巴尔的摩——加布里埃尔·塔加纳23岁, 排球一直是她和她的家庭生活的重要组成部分. 她第一次通过姐姐了解到马里兰圣母大学, Ricelle, who started on NDMU’s 2018 team which won the its first Colonial States Athletic Conference (CSAC) championship.

加布里埃尔第二年加入了这个项目, she helped the Gators win another title and advance to a second NCAA Division III Tournament. 两次入选全csac, she will use an extra year of eligibility available due to the COVID-19 pandemic to return next fall and aim for another finish atop the conference standings.

然而,塔格纳斯在NDMU的经历远远超出了排球场. A 业务 主要和 政治科学 未成年时,她曾担任圣母大学商学院总裁 & 本学期经济学会. 这个角色,以及与 伊丽莎白·莫里西荣誉项目 以及学生运动员咨询委员会, helps Taganas maintain a close connection with campus life while attending Notre Dame as a commuter student.



我最初是从姐姐那里听说巴黎圣母院的. She transferred after getting a two-year associate’s degree at the Community College of Baltimore County, 她也是排球队的一员. That gave me my first opportunity to meet the coach and athletic director at the time. 事实上,他们是如此的热情和诚实, 除此之外,他们还强调这个部门是多么注重家庭, 是吸引我来这所学校的重要原因.

Gabbi Taganas和她的妹妹


我非常喜欢它. 我喜欢体育系. 这是一个大家庭, 该部门也鼓励参与和支持其他体育项目. We, 作为一个团队, 喜欢在他们的比赛中支持其他项目, 因为我们队的很多运动员都是两项运动的运动员. 每一个人, 甚至那些不是运动员的人, 支持球队,因为他们是校园里的主要娱乐活动之一. A lot of the professors will come and watch the games also, especially during the postseason.


我大一的时候是冠军球队的. 非常棒, because the year before our school had just won the championship for the first time in program history. 我当时还在上高中,但我姐姐是那个队的. 能站在场边看着他们, and then being able to experience that championship feeling as a player the following year was such a surreal experience. 真是太有趣了. We went to Atlanta for the NCAA tournament, and that was my first time visiting that city. 我喜欢那里的食物和文化.


甚至是过去两年, 虽然我们没有赢得冠军, 我们在总成绩上仍然排名第二. 为了季后赛而努力是如此的紧张和激动. 每个人都努力工作了2-3个月, and to see that hard work pay off with deep runs in the postseason was very satisfying. I’m so excited that I will be able to come back next fall and have one more opportunity to get a second ring for myself, 第三个是给我家人的.

你从一开始就知道你想主修商科吗? 是什么让你想辅修政治学?

我一直都知道我想主修商科. I was torn between coming to major in 业务 and play volleyball at Notre Dame or pursuing a career in actuarial science. 在与这里的许多学生和工作人员交谈后, 我发现在巴黎圣母院我可以两全其美.

而我想主修商科, 我对历史和政治学也一直很感兴趣. 在我接受教育的过程中, 我意识到过去与现在和未来的联系是多么紧密. 全球政治对商业和经济也有很大的影响, 所以这两者之间有很多重叠.

我喜欢我的政治科学课程,在此过程中我交了很多朋友. I was lucky enough to take a trip to the Model OAS (Model General Assembly of the Organization of American States) in Washington DC with my class this semester, 那真是一段奇妙的经历. 我对自己有了更多的了解. 这给了我学习如何指挥房间的机会, 引导讨论并在飞行中思考答案. I truly love that I’ve been able to mesh my interests in 业务 and 政治科学 into one at Notre Dame. 很多人要么站在一边,要么站在另一边, 但我一直喜欢找到维恩图的灰色地带.

Gabbi Taganas在模拟美洲国家组织会议上和同学们

Talk more about your involvement with the 业务 and Economics Society at Notre Dame. 你现在的职位是什么, 随着时间的推移,它是如何演变的, 俱乐部的主要目标是什么?

这学期我接任了BES的校长. 上学期我是财务主管, 再往前一年,我是市场部的, 公共关系和社会媒体协调员. 我们学校的营业部很小, 但我们愿意认为我们是一个倡导所有专业的俱乐部, because financial literacy and wellness are skills that every single person should have, 不仅仅是商科专业.

考虑到这一点,我们的许多活动都是为普通观众服务的. We will ask potential attendees if they have financial questions that might relate to their career as a nurse/teacher/etc.,这样我们就可以帮助他们量身定制与他们相关的活动. 我们想帮助弥合校园里不同专业的人之间的差距, 我们想回馈圣母院社区. 我们当然喜欢在我们的活动中提倡代表权, 尤其是当我们请来客座演讲者的时候. We try to have them represent who we are as 学生, and who we want to be entering our careers. 最初没有学习金融的女性,但最终在该领域工作. Women who might have also been student-athletes, or who were the minority in their classrooms. 女性商人在职业生涯早期就被男性包围. 我们喜欢帮助促进赋权.

Gabbi Taganas在BES活动上

Are there any other clubs or organizations that you’ve worked with during your time at NDMU?

I’m one of the voting representatives for the volleyball team on NDMU’s 学生-Athlete Advisory Committee. SAAC无疑有助于拉近校园内各运动队之间的距离. It helps you build bonds with other people that you might not have expected to have anything in common with. We organize social events for the athletes that are separate from our athletic events. 我最喜欢的活动之一是我们一年一度的宾果之夜. It raises so much money for a good cause – we donate our funds to charity afterwards. 这是我们最大的活动, 因为我们有很多老师和人们的家人参加, 对整个社区来说,这是一个伟大的时刻.

I’m also in the Morrissy Honors Program – a teacher recommended that I join after my first semester at Notre Dame. I’ve loved being able to take additional classes that might not specifically focus on my major, 还能教我更多我感兴趣的东西. 它们通常都与女性在社会中的角色这一更大的主题有关.

我的第一堂Morrissy课是和Dr. 威廉·戴维斯称之为新女性文学, 它关注的是维多利亚时代女性在社会中的角色. My final research project in Gaming and Society with professor Ryan Schaaf discussed the evolving role of women in gaming development. 我在政治科学课上有研究论文,教授是Dr. 安妮·亨德森,主要关注对纺织女工的剥削. Dr. Jina Fast's Human Flourishing course tackled barriers to flourishing for women in various societal aspects. It’s just fascinating how courses examining so many different aspects of life can all contribute to the same central theme of women in society. Every professor I’ve had that has taught an honors class at this school has been so passionate about what they teach.


I think the major theme for me with everything that I’m involved with is the fact that it brings a sense of community and connectiveness. Especially as a commuter for the last four years – I only live 25 minutes away from campus – it could be very easy to feel distant from what goes on outside of the volleyball season for me. 这些活动是由我的俱乐部举办的, 由SAAC, 以及Morrissy项目, 他们给了我一个与其他学生建立联系的机会, 这对我来说非常重要.

Is there any message that you’d like to give to NDMU 学生 who are still working their way through college?

享受体验. 享受过程. I think that we as 学生 can often get caught up in the heat of the moment during stressful periods. 我们有工作, 我们有课外活动, 我们有运动, 我们有自己的社交生活, 我们必须照顾好自己的心理健康, 有时我们希望它的学术方面消失. We can think, ‘Oh, I just want to get through this paper, I just want to get through this semester.’

虚度光阴就是虚度光阴, 这可能意味着希望失去很多可以享受的时光. 享受高潮和低谷是大学生活的一部分. 当人们说大学时光过得很快时,他们不是在开玩笑. Make the most out of your college experience, and focus on enjoying the things that you can control.

Gabbi Taganas在NDMU拱门

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