药学院 Standout Set to Earn Second Degree from NDMU After Completing 3+4 Program

作者:Erik Pedersen,高级公关经理


巴尔的摩——2023年 毕业典礼 at the Baltimore Convention Center will complete a seven-year journey for 玫瑰塞巴斯蒂安 ’20, 23年毕业于马里兰大学圣母分校.

Sebastian首先进入NDMU 3 + 4项目, which allows participants to attend one fewer year of school while earning bachelor’s and Pharm.D. 学位,早在2016年秋天. She began her pharmacy coursework three years later after earning a bachelor’s degree in biology, 她是圣母大学最优秀的学生之一 药学院 在她在校期间.

Over the past four years, Sebastian was actively involved in several student organizations. She served as Operation Diabetes chair for NDMU’s American Pharmacists Association - Academy of 学生 Pharmacists and she was the Fighting Diabetes chair for the 学生 National Pharmaceutical Association. 塞巴斯蒂安也参与了作为Rho Chi的财务主管, 药学学术荣誉协会, and she was the executive officer for NDMU’s National Community Pharmacists Association.

Learn more about Sebastian’s extended NDMU experience and her future career plans in the first of several Class of 2023 spotlights leading up to commencement on May 24:

你什么时候决定要成为一名药剂师的, 是什么吸引你来巴黎圣母院的?

I had the opportunity to shadow a pharmacist at an independent pharmacy as an undergraduate, 那一刻我恍然大悟. 其实是我妈妈推荐巴黎圣母院的. 她提到他们有一个七年的项目, 她告诉我,我应该申请,看看会发生什么. 当我在学校的时候,我和Dr. Jennifer Kerr,我的预科导师. She was really helpful getting me into the 3 + 4项目 and keeping me on track to continue onto pharmacy school at NDMU.


我喜欢我的本科经历. 我来自一个非常大的, 男女同校高中, so I wasn’t sure at first how I would acclimate and adapt to the environment here, 但我真的很喜欢. The small class sizes were great, and all of my professors were very supportive. 他们总是确保我拥有成功所需的一切.

I had a really wonderful time as an undergraduate, and that’s what made me want to remain here. 你也可以选择离开,去其他的药学院, 而是因为我的本科经历有多棒, 我知道巴黎圣母院是适合我的地方.

What was it like transitioning from that undergraduate experience to pharmacy school?

这种转变并不像我想象的那么糟糕. I think that the three years of undergrad really did prepare me for pharmacy school. 必须管理多个工作负载, 多个项目, and pretty intense classes as an undergraduate made it easier for me to make the transition. 另外,我已经熟悉环境了. 这确实帮了大忙.


谈谈你在药学院的学习经历. How did the classes and any off-campus initiatives help prepare you to be successful after graduation?

在过去的五年里, I’ve worked at an independent pharmacy in Rosedale called Professional Pharmacy. It’s in a community setting, but there is a bit of ambulatory care involved as well. 我们做血压监测, 压缩袜子测量, 糖尿病鞋, 糖尿病教育课程, 复利和更多. There is also the general pharmacy retail aspect where I fill prescriptions and do those sorts of things.

That was my primary introduction to pharmacy outside of the classroom setting, 我觉得这对我的准备很有帮助. 我的两位导师,Dr. 克里斯汀·李·威尔逊博士. 马克几何, 他们真的让我质疑我们得到的很多处方, 去找医生并提出建议, 而且要不断提高我的技能. 每天我去上班, they are quizzing me on some sort of medication to keep up all of the knowledge that I’ve gained in pharmacy school.


在校园, I’ve had a lot of different pharmacotherapeutic courses where we learn about different disease states and the science aspect of it – like pathophysiology, 作用机制和药物-然后是临床方面. 如何知道什么药适合病人, 如何看待药物相互作用, 给药频率, 诸如此类的事情. 我在药房实习的时候, 当我在工作的时候, I was able to take all of that information I had learned in pharmacy school and apply it to real patients.


我在巴尔的摩退伍军人医疗中心攻读住院医师. 起初, I thought I was going to stay at the independent pharmacy I was working at, but that started to change last October when I had my ambulatory care rotation with Dr. Alyssia Dyett. 她是NDMU校友,现在是一名教授, and I thought her rotation was very interesting because it was half academia and half ambulatory care. 她向病人介绍不同的药物, 她向医疗服务提供者提出建议, 她在教导下一代.

我知道我想追求学术,并最终成为一名教授, 希望是在巴黎圣母院, 回馈给未来的药剂师. 我告诉医生. Dyett during the rotation that I really liked what she did and wanted to be like her, 她告诉我我需要做什么才能得到她的位置. 其中一项要求是成为住院医师.

退伍军人事务部以其门诊护理轮转而闻名, 你关注心力衰竭吗, 抗凝, 和血脂异常. For me it was a no-brainer to pursue that residency, and I was fortunate enough to be selected.


我想说我最喜欢巴黎圣母院的是教授们. 他们真的优先考虑帮助学生学习和实现他们的目标. 甚至在我读本科的时候,我就可以跑去找Dr. 我挣扎的时候去了科尔的办公室, 还没准备好上药学院, 她会陪在我身边陪我度过难关. 我总是感到安全,没有被评判,我可以问他们任何问题.

即使现在在药学院, 我很担心,因为我以为, 药学院太难了, 节奏太快了, 可能很难跟上发生的每件事, 但是我们的教授愿意和我们一起工作. 他们将举行额外的复习会议, 如果我们感到压力太大,他们有时会把考试时间提前. I can really tell that the professors go above and beyond for the 学生 to ensure that they’re learning and achieving all of the goals that they have for themselves. That’s definitely my favorite part of NDMU – all of the professors that I’ve had the opportunity to learn from.

Do you have any message you’d like to share with pharmacy 学生 who are still working their way through the program?

利用所有可用的资源. 尤其是在第一年, 去和教授谈话可能会很吓人, 但他们是来帮助你学习的. 不仅仅是教授们,院长们也会支持你. Dr. 马特·下田博士. 莎伦公园, 每个人都愿意倾听, and they always have an open door for you to walk in and ask questions or voice concerns about a particular course.

高年级学生也是一个很好的资源. 在我念药学院的第一年, we were paired with a second-year buddy that we could talk to whenever we want. 他们都很有帮助,确保了过渡的顺利进行. Even if it feels intimidating to reach out, nobody is going to say no to you. It gets tough as you go through pharmacy school – not being alone through the process and having that support system definitely helped me a lot.

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